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Data Driven Solutions

Achieve double-digit shop metric improvement with FactoryTwin, where recommended actions for improvement are based on reliable data and industry insights.  Each implementation process begins with a custom FactoryReadiness mapping. Our data experts assist customers in identifying and closing data integrity issues using FactoryValidator. Once data gaps are closed and outliers are validated, a FactoryTwin is modeled. Our software runs advanced AI and ML algorithms within this digital environment to deliver descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. These findings are transformed into actionable insights that are neatly packaged in an easy to use interface. Tracking KPI improvements is inherent to the process. 

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Boost On-Time Delivery

The power of advanced analytics unlocks the ability to accurately predict on-time delivery and causes for delays due to late starts, capacity problems, or material non-availability. The tool is configured to clearly define functional responsibilities to execute flawlessly. For example, buyer dashboard identifies both near-term and long-term critical tasks prioritized to meet business objectives.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Real-time automated supplier scorecard helps management spot which suppliers are routinely late and slowing down factory operations. Advanced analytics allows the quantification of supplier risk and prescriptive analysis allows buyers to know the best course of action. 

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Shrink Costs, Widen Margins

Early alerts on how the operational drivers of COGS will impact margins are predicted using advanced analytics. Financial analysis is not just about 'bean counting,' but driving the right shop floor decisions.

Optimize Capacity Planning

A daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly view of a factory's resource utilization—equipment, operators, and tools—at your fingertips. This dynamic capacity model helps you recognize exactly where you have resource inefficiencies or overutilization and plan accordingly.

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Reduce Inventory, Improve Cash Flow

Zero inventory and just-in-time delivery are outdated myths. Instead, shops need to understand the optimal inventory and buffer stocks at strategic points to withstand variation, both internal and external.


An intuitive user interface reveals how much unrealized value is tied up in inventory and how to improve it. Dissect inventory content down to any level of detail.

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